A hand on the steering wheel

Let’s be honest. Most Emcees are not business people. Unless you want to spend years learning and keeping up with the ever changing business realities of the industry, you need a manager who can take care of the details for you so you can focus on growing and bettering your skills.


It’s important to have a solid organization behind you even before you achieve significant inroads in the business.You need a team that works behind the scenes to make sure you can do what you do best–Rule The Stage.

Managing your business

Trust us, you’re going to need a solid consultant to help you work through issues like understanding agreements or contracts, how to market your talent, or how to manage your paperwork for an international assignment. This is what we do at Tashaq.


Truth be told, even the most driven talent occasionally needs someone to provide them with encouragement when the daily grind of the business gets them down (and it will sometimes). Contrary to popular belief, the anchoring business takes a lot of work and is very competitive. Even those who do work hard need that extra push once in a while, and a good artist manager should provide motivation.

Straight Talk & Guidance

You need an artist consultant you can trust. Someone who will be unwavering and give you the best possible advice. What types of events should you take up? What is your goal for your career? How will you get there? The consultants at Tashaq bring that rare combination of candor and tact to your management team.

Image Management

For an artist, image management is one of the most critical factors to success. How does your profile look? How is it written? What about your showreel? And where are you promoting all this? We bring professionalism to your digital presence.


If you don’t know the right people, it’s difficult to get anywhere in the industry. Like it or not, brands & agencies work with people they know and trust. We know the business and we can make the system work for you.


You need a manager who believes in what you’re doing. You need someone who will support you and help you further develop your skills.